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Our Skin Tonic formulation is 100% nature-based that is made with hydrosols, distilled aloe, herbal extracts, and salt sole.  Currently we have two options available, Blemish Control and Soothing Hydration. 

Blemish Control - Refreshes, balances oily skin types, helps prevent and clear acne.

Soothing Hydration - Refreshes and hydrates mature, dry skin and helps treat rosacea.


BLEMISH CONTROL: Aloe juice (organically grown), tea-tree hydrosol, organic witch hazel, lavender hydrosol, pink salt sole, neem extract, spearmint essential oil. | SOOTHING HYDRATION: Aloe juice (organically grown), rose hydrosol, helichrysum hydrosol, sandalwood hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, pink salt sole, hibiscus extract

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