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Raw Materials

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helps remove toxins from the skin, cleans pores, helps balance oily skin and reduces acne breakouts

clarifies and balances skin, reduces inflammation, controls eczema and psoriosis, heals scar tissue and blemishes, rich in vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene

rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, and omega fatty acids which work to rejuvinate, hydrate, and repair skin tissues, helps protect against environmental exposure

aids in providing relief for skin irritations, promotes healing, absorbs excess oil

rich in lecithin, beta-carotene, omegas, and vitamins A, D, E, helps protect skin from sun damage, assists in new skin cell growth, increases collagen synthesis, calms inflammation

rich in nutrients that assist healthy skin, anti-fungal properties make it ideal for fighting acne and healing wounds, non-greasy, protects skin from sun damage

Soulful Earth Herbals formulates with beeswax from Sleeping Bear Farms located in Beuleh, MI about 3 hours northwest of Lansing.  The land is magical, the air is clean, and the bees are happy!  Beeswax thickens herbal oil infusions while providing a protective barrier on the skin, which helps to moisturize and heal.

rich in omega-6, omega-9, and vitamin E, anti-microbial properties help heal acne

though this oil fights free radicals and helps improve skin elasticity, we use this oil for its excellent anti-inflammatory properties

SUPER rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which helps fight inflammation caused by skin disorders, thus providing excellent relief for issues like eczema and psoriasis

non-greasy, rich in omega-9 fatty acid (80%), vitamins A,C,D, and E making it an excellent anti-oxidant as well as supporting healthy skin cell growth

We use candelilla wax that supports sustainable agriculture and ethical practice.

protects and restores skin from environmental damage, reduces inflammation, reverses effects of UV, absorbs UVA and UVB at a value equal to about a 30SPF, restores natural balance to skin, uplifting earthy aromatic that blends well in formulations, helps repair fine lines

Rich in vitamin A, C, and fatty acids, refines pores, mildly sweet aromatic, improves skin texture

improves skin elasticity reducing appearance of fine lines and healing scar tissue,  rich in fatty acids, because of the high content of phytochemicals it provides a protective barrier over skin which includes protecting from sun damage and slowing premature aging

anti-microbial properties make it helpful for fighting acne and other skin conditions, protects against sun damage, nutrient rich composition makes it an excellent choice for the healing skin, will not clog pores, anti-inflammatory properties

high in magnesium which helps heal eczema and psoriasis as well as reducing swelling and muscle pain

water that has been steam distilled to remove any impurities like minerals and salt that could negatively impact a formulation

This ingredient is a vegetable-derived product that bonds water and oils together to make a traditional creamy lotion.  We formulate with two waxes.  The one we use for most of our lotion formulations is eco-certified, made without chemical extraction, and is certified for “organic” products.  The other adheres to the National Formulary standard and is used only in a few of our formulations where the organic option doesn’t create a stable finished product. 

We use only the best from a local distillery!  This ingredient is used in a few different ways for our formulations.  Our in-house herbal extracts, including the vanilla bean, are made with either a corn or apple spirit then added to formulations to enhance their healing properties.  Ethanol is also used in an active sanitizing ingredient for our germ control products. 

It smoothes skin and moisturizes dry skin by helping to retain moisture, it is also a thickening agent in some formulations.  Glycerine has a sweet flavor profile and is used as an active ingredient in some our tinctures and Clove Teething Oil.

helps improve skin texture, assists in maintaining clear skin, helps assist in healthy hair growth, high in anti-oxidants and fights acne alleviating blemishes and healing irritations caused by acne

high in vitamin E, light carrier oil that absorbs into the skin easily

Full of fats, omegas, and protein, this oil feeds the skin and helps alleviate inflammation.  Helps regulate the skins oil production, helps heal scar tissue, and helps to firm the skin.

Contains 84 trace minerals and elements that help your skin and body stay healthy. Helps to cleanse the body and release toxins, cleans pores and skin at a cellular level which helps those with facial skin concerns.

Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax!  It has a full spectrum vitamin E and because if its molecular structure it helps fight free radicals better than most oils high in vitamin E content.  It will not clog the pores and, in fact, will cleanse the pores.  Jojoba offers superior moisturizing properties for the skin and is non-allergenic.

easily absorbed into the skin providing a moisturizing layer that helps skin retain moisture, helps repair damaged skin, will not clog pores

fights sun damage (one of the best oils we have on our shelf to heal and protect skin from sunburns), has a “dry oil” consistency on the skin, repairs skin at a cellular level, being rich in fatty acids makes it an excellent moisturizer for dry skin, helps heal skin conditions like eczema and psoroisis, helps strengthen hair and prevent split ends

rich in vitamins and lipids this butter can help improve elasticity of the skin and provide a protective barrier from elemental exposure

Rich in vitamins A, E, and C, clarifies skin helping to control acne, provide a protective layer on the skin, absorbs easily into the skin without a greasy feel, helps improve elasticity of skin and reduces stretch marks

The oil is used to help provide relief for skin conditions such as eczema, psoroisis, and topical fungal infections.  We use the powered bark in the toothpowder to help kill bacteria that cause bad breath and conditions such as gingivitis.

balances skin moisture levels, provides anti-oxidant protection, high in fatty acids making it an excellent skin moisturizer that will not clog pores

Assists with providing aid to dry, itchy skin.

This ingredient is used in our soap formulation to achieve our desired firmness.  We ONLY use palm oil that has been certified as sustainably grown AND harvested to help protect the land, animals, and people that depend on the resources where palms are farmed.

Rich in vitamin A and potassium, moisturizes on a deep level without leaving skin feeling greasy, anti-inflammatory, assists skin with maintaining a healthy glow

helps promote strong and healthy hair growth

Rich in omegas, fatty acids, zinc, vitamins A and C, repairs skin at a cellular level, helps fight acne, moisturizes and controls oily skin

One of the best natural oils to absorb UVA and UVB rays, super high in vatamin E protection skin from sun damage and repairing skin cells, helps reduce inflammation, boosts natural collegen production, improves elasticity of the skin helping to fight affects of aging

High in oleic and steric acid making it an excellent ingredient to help maintain youthful skin. Steric acid also helps to thicken formulations and offers rich healing properties.

A salt sole is simply water that has been saturated with salt.  When used on the skin, Himalayan Salt cleanses at a cellular lever, helps control oil production, assists in clearing acne, and provided 84 elements that help keep skin healthy.

high in vitamins A and E which helps to fight free radicals and repair skin cells, high in fatty acids including leic, palmitic, stearic, and linoleic acid which moisturize skin, helps fight acne

boosts skins natural moisture, helps improve skin elasticity thus helping to improve skin texture and providing benefits for healthier skin, naturally protects and restores skin from sun damage

Helps to absorb and neutralize odor caused by bacteria.

High in vitamin E and linoleic acid, protects skin from moisture loss

Known for its value for healing acne we love this oil for facial products!  It is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants making it an excellent skin moisturizer, helps heal scar tissue, and has been observed to stimulate collagen production.

Used primarily in facial formulations as an astringent (toning and tightening properties) and anti-inflammatory ingredient.  Also helps clean pores, effectively removing dirt and oil from the skin.