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Kathaleen Parker

Hello!  I am Kathaleen Parker, Owner and Formulation Specialist here at Soulful Earth Herbals. I started my business in April 2005 so I could help create awareness about the benefits of herbal remedies and chemical-free body care.  As a single mother of 2 young boys, it was important for me to create a space for them to feel included in our day-to-day living, and vending my products at farmers markets allowed this to become a reality.  These were my humble beginnings: hard work and dedication to my craft.

Jumping forward several years, in 2012 I moved my business into a brick and mortar shop where all of my formulations are crafted and sold.  I enjoy meeting new guests and welcoming back my regulars who have supported my business throughout the years. My boys have grown considerably (my oldest graduated high school in May 2018, whoop-whoop), and I am so proud to say they are both still a major part of Soulful Earth Herbals’ success.  To date, I have helped an incredible number of individuals with their transition into natural care products.


This is Zeus, official greeter, shop dog extraordinaire, and public relations liaison!  Zeus joins me at the shop every workday and enjoys helping our guests feel welcome.  He loves the outdoors, swimming, and cannot get enough attention.  He is rewarded for his efforts with treats so if you are inclined, please feel free to feed the wildlife!  Zeus is a waterdog by nature and a Lake Michigan Dog at heart, this animal has spent more time in the water than most people do in a lifetime. Come in and meet Zeus, your day will be filled with love and smiles!  

Rosanne Parker

This is Rosanne, my mom.  She is an awesome mom, and I would not be anywhere near the woman I am today without her.  She has been a huge part of my support team through the years, initially helping to occupy my boys when I needed to “work.”  But what grandma wouldn’t love that opportunity, right?!  She has worked tirelessly along side me (logging many late hours), helping package, label, and sell my products.  Without her, Soulful Earth Herbals would not be a success.  Her presence at my shop has allowed me to travel to markets and shows to sell Soulful Earth Herbals products.  Because of her commitment in representing the “Lansing satellite,” I have been able to be a presence in places in Michigan I otherwise would not have, which has helped to expand my business.  She has also helped me refine formulations and has been a great product tester (along with other family members and friends).  Mom, you are the best!! 

Morrison Parker

Meet Morrison, my eldest son.  He really enjoys working at the shop and has created a great network of friendships with many of my guests over the years.  He is also my “strong man!”  I count on him to help with heavy lifting and other tasks that require a big, burly man.  His positive attitude and fun-loving energy has brought good things to Soulful Earth Herbals.

Bohdi Parker

Ok, if you know Soulful Earth Herbals you probably know Bohdi!  He is my youngest son, and when I started my business he was literally attached to my hip!  He spends most Saturdays at the shop with me (except during snowboarding season) and usually helps me vend when we travel to shows.

An aspiring paleo artist, Bohdi draws a variety of dinosaur greeting cards. His side hustle, Bohdi Tree Raar Cards, have been available for sale in my shop since 2010. Bohdi has also been my greatest learning tool when it comes to herbs, making salves and other remedy products, for both topical and internal use.  I’m not sure, but one may question if this is a good thing or not but it is certainly our reality.  But it has been good for my product line to say the least!  Bohdi is a rock climber, skateboarder, snowboarder, Great Lakes water man, paddle boarder, break dancer, and loves to par core.  He brings amazing energy to our space.