Activated Charcoal Soap

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Oh yes, this is the best soap I have ever made!  The charcoal bar will help cleanse the most sensitive of skin without the worry of over-drying or irritation.  The charcoal bonds with dirt and oil in your pores for a gentle but very effective cleansing experience.  I formulated this soap for facial use but it works as a great body wash as well and is also effective to eliminate body odor.  Benefits of using charcoal soap include (but are not limited to): drawing out dirt and toxins, acne prevention and reducing the appearance of pores, helping clear up eczema breakouts, antibacterial properties, and it's great for ALL SKIN TYPES!


Saponified oils of non-GMO soybean, sustainably sourced palm, organic coconut, organic olive, grapeseed, fair trade organic cocoa butter, activated charcoal, tea-tree essential oil

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