New Mama Herb+Salt Soak


Crafted to help new mamas and their babies heal from common discomforts of childbirth.  This special herb and Dead Sea salt blend will soothe perinatal tears, hemorrhoids, general pelvic discomfort, and assist in the healing of other birthing complaints.  Each package is filled with enough herbs for three baths and includes a bath tea bag for easy clean up after your soak . I like to use the muslin bath tea bag like a sponge to squeeze the bath water over my shoulders and neck!

CALENDULA: helps speed up healing of damaged tissue by attracting white blood cells to the skin surface.

UVA URSI: helps reduce inflammation in urinary system, prevents infection, calms hemorrhoids, and soothes vaginal discomforts after childbirth.

COMFREY LEAF: reduces inflammation, speeds up healing of torn tissue, and eases the pain of bruising

LAVENDER: the general calming nature of this herbs helps relieve the stress after child birth, both physical and mental, along with soothing the pelvic and vaginal area to assist the recovery process.

WITCH HAZEL BARK: effectively helps stop bleeding and reduces swelling of  inflamed skin caused by bruising and hemorrhoids which are common after giving birth.

YARROW: helps shrink hemorrhoids, reduces swelling, aids the body natural response to stop bleeding, assists to speed up the healing process, inhibits infection, and assists in reducing after childbirth pain.

Dead Sea Salts: the high magnesium content of these salts aids in a speedy recovery after giving birth along with helping to reduce stress and tension.


organic herb blend of calendula, uva ursi, comfrey, lavender, witch hazel bark, and yarrow + Dead Sea salt

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