Neem Bark Tooth Powder


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Help brighten your smile and keep your mouth free of germs that cause bad breath! The Neem Bark Toothpowder is a natural cleaning option for your teeth without any chemicals or harsh ingredients. You can use this powder alone or include it with your normal brushing routine. People that experience gingivitis or other bacterial infections find this product helps improve their condition within days of using it. Happy brushing!


Organic neem bark, organic cinnamon, and organic clove with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

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1 review for Neem Bark Tooth Powder

  1. Charlotte Marvin

    “I bought Neem Tooth Powder 2 years ago with the best of intentions, but I didn’t start using it until 1 month ago. I was happy with my Auyervedic tooth paste and sometimes I’m very slow to change my habits. Then, I ran out of my toothpaste, so I finally tried the Neem Bark Toothpowder. Right away, I noticed that my gums were less sensitive and less sore. I’ve learned that Gum health is important to general health, so this improvement in my gums matters a lot. My flossing habits are irregular, so knowing that the Neem powder is helping my gums is very good news.

    I will say that the feel and experience of powder vs. paste has required some adjusting. It did taste and feel strange at first, especially if you expect a sweet minty taste. It took some practice to learn the correct amount, and the technique with the powder so that I don’t make a huge mess, but that little trouble is worth it. My teeth and gums look and feel healthy and clean. “

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