Marshmallow Deodorant Powder


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Absorbs body moisture and neutralizes odor caused by bacteria. This powder is a perfect fit for feet, personal areas, and under your arms.


Organic arrowroot powder, naturally sourced sodium bicarbonate, organic marshmallow leaf, and organic myrrh

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

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2 reviews for Marshmallow Deodorant Powder

  1. Ed Bloom

    “I just finished my first canister of Marshmallow Deodorant Powder. I was skeptical when I unwrapped this as a stocking stuffer gift and saw the product name. Marshmallow?? I eat them, I don’t wear them. Now I do both. (Disclaimer – To be clear, I eat marshmallows, and wear this powder. I do not eat this powder.)
    This powder can be used daily, or on off days when one doesn’t shower. I’ve also used it to freshen up my pits and privates after a stressful day in the office (though I’m retired now and there is less stress). I like the mild scent. Not perfumery, just pleasant.
    I’ve added this product to my Christmas list this year. I’m hoping Santa delivers again.

    Ed B. (formerly from East Lansing, now residing in Reno, NV)”

  2. Dorothy

    I began purchasing the marshmallow deodorant powder in March 2012 and purchasing it now in bulk because I love it so much. I bought two small round bamboo powder boxes (with the sifters)…one sits on my vanity and one goes in my “grab-on-the-run” duffle bag”.. For years I was trying to get away from standard deodorants and couldn’t find anything I liked or felt confident with. Then I stumbled on Soulful Earth Herbals in East Lansing on a field trip (I drove a schoolbus at the time) killing time while the kids did their thing. I always try to shop local and purchased a couple of items from Kathleen and have been going back ever since (by mail now but i’d love to stop in and see her some day). Kathleen is so great to work with and I support her 100%. She truly cares about her customers and her products and gives 100% back. If she ever decides to retire I’ll have to buys years worth of this product!!

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