Calendula Baby Lotion


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Calendula Baby Lotion is a great moisturizer for sensitive and “newborn” skin. I blend bentonite clay into this calendula infused formulation made with organic olive oil to create a lotion with great healing power.  Calendula Baby Lotion leaves lasting softness and absorbs into the skin without a waxy or greasy feel.


Organic calendula infusion, organic olive oil, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, sodium sterol lactylate, kaolin clay, optiphen (preservative)

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2 reviews for Calendula Baby Lotion

  1. Jonnie Overcash

    Received this as an early Christmas present. This is the best lotion I have used on my “allergic” to everything skin. I am a nurse with practically raw hands, thank you COVID-19 and this makes them so soft in seconds. No lingering greasy fingers when you touch anything. I appreciate that there are no perfumes added as well. Little dab will do and fingers no longer scratch and catch on everything. I am ordering more today!!

  2. Kaycee E

    This lotion is my favorite! I thought the sea-mint mineral lotion would forever reign(still love it!) but then I found this lotion. It is perfect anytime but I use before bed to ensure soft hands all Minnesota winter. Non-greasy and super smooth application. I bought many for myself and my family. <3!

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