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Baby Hemp Rub, Organic

Baby Hemp Rub, Organic $15

Love that Hemp! It’s so soothing for dry skin, rashes, and minor irritations. I blend organic hemp oil, organic olive oil, and organic aloe butter to make a massage oil that encourages circulation and allows for deep tissue rubs if necessary. Hemp is also a fine anti-inflammatory to use on achy muscle situations. Organic Baby Hemp Rub is an excellent replacement for the traditional “baby oil” (yucky petrochemicals…) and can be used for just about anything you’de like, even an eye make-up remover, how about that!  This oil offers a mild “nutty” aroma and is sold unscented but you can always add essential oils if you like. Organic Baby Hemp Rub is safe for personal areas and is not harmful if it accidentally reaches the eyes or mouth.

Ingredients Organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic aloe butter, non-GMO vitamin E