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Blended Soap

Blended Soap $8

This is a combination of all my soap-bits in one batch of soap!  Recycle, recycle, recycle… when I cut my soap I am left with small pieces that I cannot do much with so I’ve decided to add them to one batch.  The result is an interesting marbled bar of soap!

I handcraft my soaps using a variety of natural fats, fibers, and essential oils. You will not find synthetic dye, fragrance, or any other potential skin irritant in this soap. Soulful Earth Herbals soap nourishes dry skin which makes it suitable for all skin types and ideal for face and body. Your soap is served to you in a block about the size of your palm. Please choose your soap wisely as each bar of Soulful Earth Herbals soap will last you a long time!

Ingredients Saponified oils of non-GMO soybean, coconut, organic palm, organic olive, grapeseed, and organic cocoa butter. Natural fibers and essential oils may also be added. All soaps are made using a cold process method.