Soulful Earth Herbals

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Our store is located at 1131 S. Washington Ave. Lansing, MI 48910

[In the heart of Historic REO Town]

OPEN HOURS: Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 3pm

                                  Tuesdays by appointment


Welcome to Soulful Earth Herbals! I believe everything comes from Mother Earth with purpose and it is our responsibility to become educated on how to use her resources without harm to the environment or ourselves.

family throwing leavesSoulful Earth Herbals opened in 2005 and continues to grow from nature.  All of the herbal products I create are made with as many organic and unrefined ingredients as possible. I formulate and prepare an extensive line of botanical treatments and personal care products including handcrafted lotions, healing herbal salves, natural deodorants, body scrubs, bath treatments, soaps, organic herb combinations, and more.  You will NEVER find parabens or petrochemicals in any Soulful Earth product! Great pride is taken in my ability to offer you a truly natural and effective finished product.

We have recently added a few more organic oils to our collection and are currently researching new packaging to provide an even safer product for you and our environment!

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